Warning for Cavendish Town/School Meetings

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WARNING ANNUAL TOWN MEETING: On Tuesday March 5, from 10-7 at the Proctorsville Fire Department,  the legal voters of Cavendish will vote by Australian for: Town Officers; school budgets as well as “Shall the voters of the Town of Cavendish adopt the Town Plan as modified and approved by the Cavendish Board of Selectmen on January 25, 2018.” 

 Of the elected town officers, there is only one position where there is a contest-the three term for Select Board between George Timko and Michael Kell. Vacancies still exist for Auditor (2 and 3 year terms) and for the Library Trustee five-year position. The position for a 2 year lister term is vacant while Jane Pixley is running for the three years. Note that in the town warning, Article 5 calls for the elimination of the Office of Town Lister to be replaced with a professional assessor.

 The slate of elected positions will be as follows: 

Town Moderator 1 year Michael J. Ripley

Town Agent 1 year Stuart Lindberg

Auditor 1 year Peter J. Labelle

Select Board 1 year Sandra Russo

Select Board 1 year Stuart Lindberg

Select Board 3 years George Timko & Michael F. Kell

Town Grand Juror 1 year Theresa H. McNamara

Lister 3 years Jane Pixley

Trustee of Public Funds 3 years Daniel W. Churchill GMUSD

Director 3 years Doug McBride

 Town Meeting will be on Monday, March 4th, 7 pm at the Cavendish Town Elementary School. While the usual articles will be discussed and voted on (acceptance of town report; collection of all taxes; adopt the town budget; authorize the select board to set a tax rate to support the budget) there are two additional articles.

Article 5: Shall the voters eliminate the office of Town Lister and replace it with a professionally qualified assessor

Article 6: Shall Fletcher Farm Foundation, a non profit organization, be exempt from all taxes on real and personal property for the next five years.

Article 7: Shall the Black River Health Center, Inc., a 501 non profit be exempt from all taxes on real and personal property for the next five years on its building and lot in the Cavendish village.

The Town Warning Notice is available at the Town Website in PDF format.

GREEN MOUNTAIN UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT WARNING: The vote for the school budget will take place on March 5 (Tuesday), 10-7 at the Proctorsville Fire Hall. Article 1 reads as follows: Shall the voters of Green Mountain Unified School District approve the School Board of Directors to expend $12,937,250.00 which is the amount the school board of directors has determined to be necessary for the ensuing fiscal year? It is estimated that the proposed budget, if approved, will result in education spending of $15,938.07 per equalized pupil.” The Warning is available in PDF format.